Hog Roast Machine Factory Visit!

Hog Roast Malpas is one of the most successful catering businesses in the country. We tour the country providing delicious hog roasts day in and day out and so it should be of no surprise that we cater using the finest quality equipment. It just so happens that we manufacture that equipment ourselves in our factory in Lancashire. By designing and creating the machines we know that they will perform to the highest standards and provide nothing but perfect Hog Roast Malpas’s every time.

It is our success that enticed Hamish to visit our factory as he wanted to start his own business providing hog roasts. In the past he had tried to perfect the art of hog roasting but struggled as he did not have the proper equipment. After hearing about Hog Roast Malpas, he knew that he just had to have one of our machines and so booked in for a factory tour to see how they were made.

platinum excel with spitted pig and legs After being impressed by the manufactory process Hamish put in an order for one of our most capable machines; the Platinum. The Platinum is capable of roasting the perfect hog and can come with different accompaniments that allow you to switch up the style of cooking for example with a BBQ attachment. Hamish said it was like ‘love at first sight’ when he saw the Platinum and couldn’t wait to get started cooking with it.

We supplied him with his first Hog to roast and let him know that he can always call us for any advice should he need it but we were confident he would be fine as after all the machine really does all the hard work for you – we owe our success to it!

A couple of days later Hamish got in contact to say that his first event had been a success and he had already been booked for three more roasts in the coming months. Well done Hamish!