Hog Roast Warrington Catering For 1000 At Chester Racecourse

If you’ve enjoyed Hog Roast Warrington catering in the past, you’ll know just how tasty our food is and how dedicated our chefs and team members are to providing excellent service with a smile. We’ve spent many years now catering to the masses, both nearby and further away, as we’re sometimes asked to cater outside of Warrington, either at a customer’s request or to cover for another franchise. We don’t mind this at all, whether it’s a short drive away or a much longer one, as we strive to make our customers and their guests happy, regardless of location.

Hog Roast Warrington recently catered in the lovely city of Chester, at the famous Chester Racecourse. Also known as the Roodee, Chester Racecourse is the oldest racecourse still in use in England and is thought to be the smallest too. For a corporate event for Toyota at the racecourse, we were asked to cook our popular Menu 3 of a slow-roasted hog, as well as additional options for children and vegetarians. We have all kinds of alternative options available, as we don’t only cook hog and spit roasts, so you can be sure that your guests will all be wed-fed when you book our services.

surrey5 (1)For this event, where we would be serving around 500 adults and 400 children, the hog roast would be accompanied by the customer’s choice of either seasonal vegetables or salads, as well as new potatoes. There would be burgers, sausages, and chips for the children to enjoy, as well as veggie skewers for around 50 guests. Our skewers are a great choice for vegetarians, with chunky pieces of halloumi and vegetables grilled to perfection, and can be made vegan by leaving out the cheese.

Our Hog Roast Warrington team arrived at Chester Racecourse bright and early on the day of the event, and by serving time, we had three gazebos lined up together, with our serving tables full of trays and trays of delicious food, plenty of sauces and bread rolls and we had a few team members ready to serve hundreds of people in the sunshine.