Hog Roast Crewe – The Perfect Bonfire Feast

At Hog Roast Crewe, we can help make your party or event go with a bang – especially on Bonfire Night! Recently, we catered a family party at home on November the 5th itself, where plenty of fireworks were carefully and safely set off both before and after our food service. For this occasion, Gerry had called us months ago to make sure that we could cater. With it being only one night a year, Bonfire Night can get booked up well in advance, but we have various staff members and do work with other franchises who can cover events too, so always call to see if we can cook you and your guests a feast on a November night to remember.

When Gerry called Hog Roast Crewe, he had in mind a simple Hog Roast Crewehog roast centrepiece which we would make into pigs in buns for him and his 35 guests. This tasty treat, also known as hog roast rolls, is created once we’ve prepared a hog from scratch, cooked it to perfection and then carved off the crackling and meat into trays. Our preparation stage is making sure the pig will cook properly, both inside and out, by scoring all over, adding plenty of water to keep it moist, and then smothering it in salt so that we produce lovely crackling. Our trusty hog roast machines cook the beast at your venue until we get soft and tender meat and crispy, salty crackling, and then pieces of both are stuffed inside soft bread rolls and wraps. We then top this with our own-recipe duo of apple sauce and sage and onion stuffing, and finally hand over to you and your guests to add your own choice of condiments before devouring.

On November 5th, our Hog Roast Crewe team made our way to Gerry’s family home and set up the equipment in the large back garden. Gerry had built a lovely, warming bonfire near to where we would be cooking, which was great on this chilly day. After preparing and roasting the hog for hours, family and friends turned up for a bite of heaven and to watch the amazing firework display, as Gerry had pulled out all the stops – including hiring us to cook that night!