Home For Christmas With Hog Roast Haydock

Christmas is all about enjoying time with family. It’s the one time of the year where we are all most likely to see every cousin, uncle, aunt, and grandparent and catch up on all that has been going on in each other’s lives. There are, after all, very few times better for catching up than over a delicious roast dinner!

This week at Hog Roast Haydock we had an excellent Christmas even that was all about family. The Mason family had our Hog Roast Haydock catering team around to their large family get together as a sort of pre-Christmas Christmas dinner. David Mason, the organiser for our catering service, told our team that come Christmas a lot of the extended family would be all over, so this was the one time that they were able to choral everyone for a celebration. David was delighted to learn that our catering could provide a delicious Christmas feast all the same!

The occasion was made all the better by the return of David’s daughter Ally who has spent the last 4 years in Asia teaching across in schools in Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. Ally had only just arrived back mere days prior and would be spending all Christmas back with her family before jetting off again for a new adventure in February, so this was a rare moment for her to get to see the whole family again all at once. Of course, what better a way to be welcomed back home with the most homely of meals in a Hog Roast Haydock festive roast dinner!

Hog Roast HaydockWith around 30 in attendance we had a small hog roast joining our slow roasted turkey for a fully loaded plate of delicious Christmas dishes like pigs in blankets, sage and onion stuffing,  cauliflower cheese, roast potatoes, roasted glazed carrots and sprouts, all drowned in plenty of delicious homemade gravy. As the party continued their celebrations our Hog Roast Haydock  team ended our service with tea, coffee, and mince pies for the guests before leaving them to it. It was an excellent way to welcome Ally home and give the Masons the Christmas they deserved!