Hog Roast Blacon Kickstarts 2024 With A Family Get-Together!

In the serene aftermath of the festive season, the Hog Roast Blacon gang had the privilege of kickstarting the new year in style at an intimate celebration hosted by our lovely client, May.

Hog Roast BlaconTaking place at her private residence nearby, this laid-back get-together is a much looked forward to annual tradition for May and her family. Occurring on the 1st of January, May’s event serves as a perfect antidote to the previous night’s revelry, offering a cosy space for her loved ones to unwind and share the optimism that a new year brings.

Traditionally, May is the one who takes on the responsibility of single-handedly catering for this intimate affair, but this year, her thoughtful husband, Joe, decided she deserved a break. At Joe’s suggestion, May reached out to Hog Roast Blacon, and we gladly accepted the opportunity to contribute to this special occasion with one of our iconic dining plans!

Our catering manager, Alan, embraced the responsibility of crafting a delectable menu for the 30 guests attending May’s event. The result was a mouth-watering BBQ feast that showcased the best of British flavours.

The menu featured our homemade British 100% beef burgers, gourmet sausages, chicken kebabs, spareribs, veggie burgers, and grilled veggie and halloumi skewers with tzatziki dip and flatbreads. Complemented by sides of pasta salad, new potatoes, and creamy coleslaw, the buffet promised an inclusive culinary experience.

As the guests arrived, the air was filled with the irresistible aroma of our BBQ spread. Eager to indulge, attendees wasted no time in tucking in. The compliments flowed freely, with some playful remarks about the food being the perfect cure for any lingering New Year’s Eve hangovers! And May, beaming with joy, couldn’t have been happier with the decision to enlist Hog Roast Blacon’s expertise.

Beyond the culinary delights, Hog Roast Blacon went the extra mile by ensuring that May could truly relax. As the festivities wound down, our team took charge of cleaning up, allowing May to bask in the success of her event without the worry of post-party chaos.

Hog Roast Blacon is proud of the role we played at this event, and we are grateful to May for choosing our services for the occasion!