Hog Roast Crewe – Diving into Wedding Season as a Caterer

One of the busiest times of year for any caterer is the summer. At Hog Roast Crewe and many other caterers, we tend to call the summer season the wedding season because it is the time of year where most wedding events are going to come up on the books. Aside from Christmas, it is easily the busiest a caterer’s calendar gets within a singular bracketed period. Everyone wants their special day to have the best weather possible of course, both for the photos and just for the general pleasantness of the day – and perhaps even to open up other options for the day such as outside reception and dining.

Hog Roast CreweWith summer now here we at Hog Roast Crewe are already diving head first into the hectic wedding season to come. We’re doing so in a number of ways. Firstly comes the weddings themselves as our calendar has already started to tick off wedding service after wedding service as we begin the season. As it is still early in the season however, it is more likely that right now our Hog Roast Crewe teams are going to be at more tangentially related wedding events, such as fairs, hen and stag do’s, and even engagement parties.

Wedding fairs, for one, start to crop up around this time of year too because venues want guests to get the best idea of what their venue looks like on the kind of day that you might host a wedding. It’s also when the last bits of planning might still need to be done for weddings later on in the season, so fairs provide an all-in-one place for guests to come and meet vendors and wedding services such as ourselves at Hog Roast Crewe. These are great days out for our teams, and even better ones for our customers to come get a sample of the Hog Roast Crewe taste and service!

Then comes the hen dos that typically come around a month or two before the wedding, so now is the most likely time to see them start cropping up on the calendar. We’ve already had a few, and can’t wait to get to even more before the season is out!

Are you joining Hog Roast Crewe for this wedding season? Either as a guest or a bride or groom? Let us know!