Hog Roast Disley – Glamping And Good Grub!

In the hustle and bustle of the corporate world, taking a step back to nurture your team’s well-being and foster stronger bonds is essential. That’s where company retreats come in, offering a breath of fresh air and a chance to recharge while building camaraderie.

Business owner, Arlene, understood the power of a well-planned retreat and was eager to see how it could benefit her team. And, knowing that nothing brings people together like a night under the stars, she booked an overnight stay at a nearby glamping site for her team!

It was the perfect blend of nature and modern comfort, offering a chance to unwind while still enjoying the convenience of home. And her 35 eager team members were more than ready to trade in their cubicles for the great outdoors and spend a day basking in nature’s glory!

Hog Roast DisleyBut what’s a camping trip without some good grub? Arlene knew that to keep her team’s spirits high, she needed to pull out all the stops in the food department. So, who did she call? None other than Hog Roast Disley, of course! With our reputation for dishing out mouth-watering feasts, we were more than up to the challenge of catering for this event!

As the sun rose on retreat day, Arlene and her crew were buzzing with excitement, eager to dive into a day packed with adventure. From nature hikes to yoga sessions and paddle boarding on the lake, there was no shortage of fun to be had. But the real highlight of the day was the promise of a delicious meal waiting for them at the end of their outdoor escapades!

Preparing this epic spread fell to Hog Roast Disley’s catering manager, Stephen. Aiming to impress, he served our iconic Alfresco Menu, which offered juicy pulled pork, crispy crackling, savoury stuffing, and applesauce or grilled veggie skewers with creamy tzatziki dip, and flatbreads. It was the perfect reward after a busy day!

Also on the menu were fresh salads, buttery potatoes and our Italian antipasti boards. Piled high with cold cuts, cheeses, and artisan bread, these platters kept hunger at bay throughout the afternoon. And to conclude this delicious spread, cheesecake and profiteroles were served buffet-style.

With memories made and bonds strengthened, it was clear that this retreat was a resounding success. As for Hog Roast Disley? Let’s just say we can’t wait for the next adventure!