An Enjoyable Hog Roast in Riley Green

As you know, from reading this blog, we love what we do. You get to work on every kind of event imaginable. Over the years, we have done everything from small family parties to huge themed corporate events. So, you end up working with, and meeting, all kinds of people.

The great thing about this profession is that you get to discover some beautiful places that you would never find otherwise. Recently, we were lucky enough to prepare a small hog roast in Riley Green.

For this event, were asked to provide two types of food. To start the party day off we prepared simple buffet style food for 30 family and friends, many of whom were staying with the hosts.

The views from their garden were lovely. They backed straight onto the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, very close to the little marina providing a beautiful backdrop for the feast.

Once we had finished laying out the buffet, we were able to set up our spit roasters, so they were ready to be loaded with the joints later in the day.

In order to provide continuity, we sent the same team back to cook the food for the evening party. This time we also provided a small selection of canapés, and a bigger selection of hot food than earlier in the day.

Before we left, the hog carcass was stripped clean. As requested, we plated some of the meat up for the host to serve cold later in the event, and provided the rolls, stuffing and applesauce to allow them to do this. The client took the rest of the meat for the freezer, ensuring that there was no waste.

Apparently, the family loves taking a hog roast pack lunch to work or school, and makes tasty curries using the leftover meat.

It will be great to be asked to do another hog roast in Riley Green. This hamlet is idyllic, so is the perfect place to host a special party, or special event. It really was a pleasant place to visit, and one we hope to return to soon.