The Second Week Of Six Nations Action With Hog Roast Risley

hog roast RisleyThis weekend saw the second week of Six Nations action, and somehow it was even more of thrilling than week one. Once again, we at Hog Roast Risley were out and about at your watch events helping many of our rugby fans to enjoy every kick, try and controversial call!

As a caterer, the matchday dining experience is fast becoming one of our favourite services. Typically with event catering the occasion is in celebration of a particular person or achievement, but with our matchday catering for the big occasions like the Six Nations, the Euros, Wimbledon, World Cup, it is all about the action and the drama that unfolds throughout the day, and the snacks that help fuel our customers taking it all in. The Hog Roast Risley team is of course always committed to our work, but even we have to admit that it is hard not to get sucked in a little bit during some of the more dramatic games.

Hog Roast RisleyWith a full card of matches on Saturday, our Hog Roast Risley team was prepped for the entire afternoon and evening. Just as we were treated to a spectacle between France and Scotland to kick things off, so too were our customers treated to an excellent buffet of our finest roasts and sides. When the dying embers of the match come down to a dramatic and controversial final VAR call believe me, you’ll need that extra pulled pork roll just to have something to other than your nails to bite on. Our customers were glued to the screen throughout the game, so luckily they had their Hog Roast Risley servers to ensure they were still well fed without having to miss a moment.

If we thought the Scotland game was stressful, England and Wales was no less dramatic with the two sides going blow for blow. By evening time we had a refresh of our buffet just to switch up the menu a little and keep everyone going right for the next 80 minutes of pulsating action.

A whirlwind weekend of Six Nations action, and we can’t wait to get up and do it all again next week! Why not call your Hog Roast Risley team and see if we can bring the Six Nation’s best match experience to your life?