Annual Charity Duck Race In Congleton

Surrey - Pig6It was the annual duck race on the river at Congleton and there had been plenty of plastic ducks sold with all money going to a local charity. Each duck had a number painted on the bottom and when you bought your duck your name and number went on a sheet of paper so winners could be identified quickly. It was a great system that worked year after year. There seemed to be more ducks each year as the race got more popular. The prizes varied each year as they were donated from local businesses but nobody minded as it was all for charity and a great day out for the kids.

This year a small fair had been put on for the little ones. A cake stall was made up from the women’s church group came along with other small craft stalls. Raffles and tombola’s always go down well at these sort of events as well as things like finding the stick in the sand that has a sticker on the bottom. They are all good fun as well as raising money for charity.

The catering side of things was taken care of by us at Hog Roast Congleton where we were asked to provide something simple. A suggestion of sausages and burgers was made by the organisers as it’s always a favourite with everyone, especially for the kids attending. We at Hog Roast Congleton don’t just do the average we make that extra effort for all our events. We made a suggestion of spit roast pork which from that we could do BBQ pulled pork sandwiches with homemade applesauce and our own recipe of sage & onion stuffing. This could sit alongside a tray of our very famous crispy crackling.


We could see mouths watering as we made these suggestions and very quickly it was confirmed that was what we would do. We arrived extra early that day to prepare and cook so that everything would be ready for the start of the race knowing people would want food whilst waiting for the end of the race. We at Hog Roast Congleton bought a couple of ducks so we could enjoy the fun but we didn’t do very well in the race so we settled for the fantastic compliments we got for the food inst