40th Birthday hog roast in Eccleston.

We have had a busy weekend doing a hog roast in Eccleston for a 40th birthday party at the Police social club. You may remember the weather was unbelievably good clear blue skies and really warm sunshine. I know it seems crazy but we were actually complaining it was too hot a real sun burnt face sort of day. There is just no pleasing the good old British public complaining about a hot sunny day in April. It is not essential for having a party but it does help the whole day when you get a hot sunny day like Saturday out of season. Just little things like unloading the van and setting up getting the hog roast cooking and Lindsay the lady whose birthday it was bringing in balloons etc from the car is just so much more pleasant on a hot sunny day rather than a rainy damp one. The venue was a great place for a party I have had a look to see if they have a website but unfortunately they don’t. It had lots of space outside and a large carpark for the guests to park. We set up our mobile kitchen at the front of the building and soon had the hog roast cooking, the whole area was full of the smells of slowly roasting pig, delicious. We had quite a bit of prep work to do as Lyndsay had picked quite a good full menu and we always prepare all our food fresh on site. We got our tables set up and fired into salads, whole roast salmon and sausages. The afternoon flew by and it was soon time to get everything set up ready for the arrival of the party girl.

What a surprise when Lyndsay arrived in a great big stretch limousine and it was a Bentley not one I had seen before. It was a great way to start the party and immediately put a smile on everyone’s face. We finished off our last minute prep and turned on our lights and everything was looking good and ready to serve by 8pm. As soon as the DJ announced the food was ready we had a steady flow of people eager to try out the hog roast. All the food was very popular and soon all the sausages and salmon had been eaten and then people starting coming back for seconds and thirds always a good sign. It was our first hog roast in Eccleston at the Police club but hopefully the first of many. We packed away all our equipment put the last of the food on platters for the guests to take home with them, grabbed our sun cream and returned to base. Another excellent days catering achieved and a good start to my summers tan.