The Only Catering Team That You Need To Call On – Hog Roast Cadishead!

It’s not just delicious catering that we provide here at Hog Roast Cadishead, we also offer a DIY option for those who want the unbelievable flavours from a traditional hog roast but enjoy to cook themselves instead. Our specially designed Hog Roast machines are the perfect tools for the job for any professional caterer or budding chef at home. We can even provide you with the meat too or you can provide your own. Our machines make a fantastic conventional oven to be used outdoors too.

Hog Roast CadisheadAlan decided for his gathering that instead of taking charge of the usual BBQ he wanted to step things up a notch with the assistance from Hog Roast Cadishead. We delivered our machine and pig to Alan’s home on the morning of his gathering. This was Alan’s first time hog roasting so our Head Chef gave Alan a quick tutorial, assisted him in setting up the machine and before leaving showed Alan how to start the machine. We made sure Alan was fully comfortable and confident with everything before we left knowing he would be able to deliver the delicious pork to his guests that he wanted too.

It was a surprise for the guests that Alan was cooking a full pig and when we went to collect the machine the day after he was over the moon with the success and the compliments that he had from his guests. ‘A much better option than the usual basic BBQ’ said Alan, he was very pleased with the results and also had plenty of left over pork to keep him and the family going for a couple of days. A great success if you ask us! So much so that Alan already wants to do it all again and is already looking for a reason to call on Hog Roast Cadishead for their help again.