Hog roasting in Rushford

We’ve had a great few weeks being hog roast Rushton caterers, with a range of Halloween and Bonfire Night events complimenting the usual round of birthdays, anniversaries, club events and office parties. Two trips in a row up to the Golden Triangle saw us stopping by Rushford one night and  Rowton the next, for a great anniversary party and a Halloween fundraiser at a local school. Our hot pork rolls were as always in high demand at both events. The school do especially was a lot of fun, and the kids put a huge amount of effort into their costumes – better than the adults, I have to say! The delicious smell of spit roast pork wafting across the courtyard got everyone’s attention pretty quick, and you should have seen the queue snaking away from our stand! We were handing out hot and tasty roast pork baps at a rate of knots and it was plain to see that they were going down a treat! From our point of view it looked like the event was big success, so here’s hoping that it raised a good sum towards the renovation of the school.

Bonfire night saw us off catering hog roast Rushford style again for a spectacular bonfire that must have been piled 8 metres high before they lit it. We turned up early to get ready and saw the final stages of the build as we got our spit going – it was a pretty impressive site. The guys working on the bonfire stopped and had a look at us getting our Spitting Pig hog roaster going as well – I guess seeing a whole rotating pig being roasted on a spit is an impressive thing to watch too! To tell the truth, the first time I saw the new stainless steel roast machine we use I was flabbergasted – it’s a true thing of beauty. Seeing that perfect golden crackling crisp up is a sight to behold, let me tell you – I never get bored of it, and I roast six or seven pigs a week. As you can imagine, we did a brisk trade – a tender slab of just-roast pork cut straight off the hog and in a soft fresh-baked bun always goes down a treat!

We’re well and truly warmed up for a festive season that’s already looking jam –packed, but there’s still a few dates available in our calendar so if reading about or recent happenings has got your juices going then be sure to get in quick and snap up our remaining spots! We don’t just do pork, although that’s what we’re famous for, but can also supply beautifully roasted lamb, beef, chicken and that all important Christmas staple, turkey. We also do a great range sides and salads – in fact, we can do anything from the later night hot pork snack in a bun to a full sit down dinner for hundreds. Now you’re thinking about juicy spit roast Rushford Christmas turkey, give us a ring and make the Christmas wish a reality!