Oh What A Night! Hog Roast Handforth Celebrates The Ladies

Ladies night is always a very busy and popular night at the Hog Roast Handforth teams local racecourse, so the team were delighted when they were contacted by the event organisers. The clients did not want the full catering for the event to be provided by Hog Roast Handforth, but the clients certainly wanted a special service from the team for the event.

Hog Roast HandforthThe racecourse venue would provide the majority of the food for the event, but the clients wanted to have a bit of fun by engaging the Hog Roast Handforth team to provide food for later in the evening during the other activities of the event. The team had a very specific brief to meet in order to fulfil the ladies night catering.

The menu was simple: slow roasted pig, served with apple sauce, stuffing, crispy crackling and soft floured roles. With a guest list of 100 fabulously dressed ladies it was obvious that the Hog Roast Handforth menu would not be to everyone’s taste, but the clients reassured the team that they did not require any other food choices as the racecourse catering firm would provide the rest. The team were happy to cater for the more informal, fun part of the event, leaving the main meal catering to the venue.

The chef arrived at the venue six hours before the 8 pm serving time in order to set the pig sizzling and so that he could prepare the stuffing and apple sauce fresh on site. Along with the catering, the bespoke package provided the chef and food for the event. As well as providing the set up and dressing of the serving table, the team also provided high-quality disposable napkins for the guest to use.

After the chef had served the succulent hog to the guests he discreetly tidied away. He took with him the equipment he had brought and used, he also took all the rubbish away too. The event was a massive success! The clients and guests had been delighted by the service they had received