Hog Roast Winsford – Small Rugby Gathering With 30 Attendees

As well as catering for large events such as weddings and birthdays, Hog Roast Winsford pride themselves for their flexibility with numbers. Earlier this summer our team prepared for a small rugby party where a roasted pig, potatoes and a selection of breads to compliment the meat.

Barry, the owner of the team, allowed us into the venue a few hours early to set up. Hog roast Winsford always offer inside or outside events to ensure all our customers are satisfied. This time, we set up our machinery, table for potatoes and napkins for all of the 30 guests.

As the group of men arrived, we began serving immediately. Soon the beautifully cooked pig was devoured along with the crackling and herb potatoes. ‘My plate was full and I got to go back for seconds’ was one of the reviews left by a team member. The room was filled with cheer and celebration along with the delicious smell of our roast. Compliments about our service and food quality were flooding in as the event came to a close. The men were delighted with their full bellies and asked to book us for their next rugby gathering. They requested the same menu for next time as there was room for second portions and the potatoes were enjoyed by everyone. We were even asked if we could give them an endless supply of crackling as it was so scrumptious!

Just as we finished the event, we ensured all our equipment was cleared, cleaned and all rubbish was taken away by us. This is part of our service at Winsford and always helps the guests enjoy their time rather than worry about mess.