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The Best Hog Roasts in Runcorn

RuncornAt hog roast Runcorn we understand the need to change with the times that Runcorn demonstrates so well. In the Medieval past spit roasts were done over an open fire, turned by a servant, usually a small boy, and later by animal-powered treadmill. These days our methods are much more hygienic. All our hog roast Runcorn roasts are cooked in stainless steel machines with gas burners, both safer and easier to clean than traditional methods. Plus they have pneumatic tyres, making them easy to position and set up, indoors or out. It’s this understanding of change that makes Runcorn such a great place to cook for. The people love our combination of hog roast Runcorn traditional cooking, roasting a pig in its own juices for around six hours, with modern methods and a modern eye on healthy methods of cooking, since no fat is added. Our pig roasts are always popular at match time, especially alongside beer and Sky TV at one of the local pubs. It provides a great change for the staff too!

Wales - Salad wales 2The town of Runcorn has seen a lot of changes in its history. The earliest reference to it is as Rumcofan (a wide cove/bay) in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, although there is evidence of Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Roman activity in the area. However, the biggest changes came in the Industrial Revolution. Runcorn started out as a small and isolated village, but in the 18th Century the waterway connections were improved in the area to link Runcorn with the canal network throughout England, and to the River Mersey down to the sea. As a result Runcorn became a thriving industrial town, with trades in soap, chemicals and tanning, sandstone, and shipbuilding. Today, it’s still a successful industrial and port town.

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The town’s history demonstrates the need to be flexible, as if it hadn’t embraced the Industrial Revolution the tiny hamlet would likely have died and been forgotten rather than growing into the flourishing town it is today. In the same way a local attraction, Norton Priory, offers more than just a museum to the way life used to be lived. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, so the ruins and history lie alongside gardens, quizzes, kids’ activities and trails, to keep the whole family happy – and is even dog-friendly.

Likewise, at hog roast Runcorn flexibility is key. Despite what our name suggests, we offer more than just pig roasts.

hogWe’ve moved our menus away from the strictly traditional, although you can have the time-honoured combination of roast pork, apple sauce, sage and onion stuffing, and crackling if you want to. Menus also include chicken, lamb, beef, turkey, sausages and burgers, vegetarian options, salads, potatoes, even dessert, and we price each roast individually based on the needs of the customer. We’ll even offer full sit-down dining, or just the machine and training, if that’s what you prefer. The only way to survive in the modern world is to adapt, and we like to think that at hog roast Runcorn we have something to offer everyone, traditionalists and non-traditionalists alike.