Hog Roast Runcorn – A Buffet For A Deserving Medical Team

Recently, the Hog Roast Runcorn team were hired by a local client, Alex, from Spire Cheshire Hospital. The event was for the hospital’s staff in Stretton, Warrington, and the food was served outside the venue. In addition, the food was served as a buffet and was cooked on site by the Hog Roast team. The event was a complete success and the client was really pleased with the service.

Hog Roast RuncornAles selected a classic hog roast, the specialty of the Hog Roast Runcorn team, which featured a whole slow roasted hog. The meat was cooked in one of the team’s Hog Master machines and served as the centerpiece on the buffet table. The machine helped to create some beautiful crispy crackling which was served on the buffet table. Alongside this, to compliment the meat, the Hog Roast Runcorn team served homemade apple sauce and stuffing as well as bread rolls and wraps with a variety of sauces. In addition, a vegetarian option of lightly grilled vegetable and halloumi skewers served with pitta breads and a tzatziki dip was served as an alternative to the meat.

The food was served from 12 noon to 2pm so the Hog Roast Runcorn team had plenty of time to deliver a relaxed service. The food was served in professional heated trays to ensure that the food remained warm throughout the buffet. However, it also ensured that the meat did not dry out and remained beautifully tender throughout the service. The meat was carved professionally by the Hog Roast Runcorn team’s Catering Manager, Paul, who oversaw the service. He ensured that all of the food was ready at the same time and the buffet all came together. In addition, he also made sure that the buffet looked fantastic and all of the food looked appealing to the guests. The buffet went down really well with the guests and the client and they all really enjoyed the food. The buffet food was of very high quality and the Hog Roast Runcorn team made sure that they upheld the high standards that their team is usually known for.