Hog Roast Prestbury

The Best Hog Roasts in Prestbury

PrestburyI really love all the work that is involved in being a hog roast Prestbury caterer. That may sound a little mad but I have always been the kind of person who has to be busy. Cooking hog roast is most definitely the kind of job that will keep anyone very busy. In fact, it made me realise just how much time and effort a hog roast caterer can actually save someone who is in the process of organising an event. Catering really is a pretty intensive job and getting someone to help with it is a very good idea. Obviously, as a hog roast hire Prestbury chef, I am going to say that, but it really is a very good justification for getting help. Talking of the cooking process, I love my hog roasting machine. This is where all the magic happens and where the pig is going to be shown off in all its delicious roasting glory. The machine is a safer and more portable version of the old spit that a hog roast would have been cooked on. This is ten times better though and actually allows me to cook other meats on it, should a pig not be required. If it is a pig then it is going to spend some time on the machine because a standard sized Prestbury pig can take around six long hours to roast through. That’s why that fat is so important. Without it, the meat would really start to dry up and you would not get that amazing, juicy and succulent taste that hog roast is so well known for.

pig 11My typical hog roasting day will often start off with going to get a pig. I love this as it really is the start of the whole process and it gives me a chance to catch up with my regular meat supplier who I have built up a good relationship with over the years. You may be surprised at just how much care and attention I put into choosing a pig for each event that I cater for, but you really do have to make sure that you get the right sort of pig. Size is an important issue, especially if it is a big party. You also have to check the pig has a good amount of fat because that is really important for the cooking process.

Prestbury, in case you didn’t know, is a rather nice place and the residence of some pretty well known people indeed. I don’t live there myself as it’s a little bit out of my price range, but maybe one day. Anyway, I don’t care as I get to see the village on a regular basis through my work as a hog roast Prestbury caterer.

Leaders in Our Field

qaDid you know what the most annoying aspect of being the hog roast hire Prestbury caterer is? It is the fact that in all my five years of doing my job, I have never once served a famous footballer any hog roast. Okay, so it is hardly surprising that the famous footballers don’t come to my events very often but it is a shame as I can think of at least three pretty famous footballers who live in the village. Of course, some people like to cook their own hog roast and I can supply the equipment if need be, but why not give yourself a break and enjoy your event? Leave the cooking in the hands of the expert, let your hair down and go the whole hog by bringing in the Prestbury hog roast caterer. Just try and get a footballer to come along, okay?

It was actually at an event in Prestbury that I was first introduced to the delights of hog roast. Some friends invited me a long to a 40th birthday at a very nice house. I certainly was not expecting a hog roast but it looked amazing. Better still, it tasted incredible! We all had hog roast rolls with apple sauce and bits of crackling (and lots of champagne) and it was really magic. I can remember the whole night (well, the part when I was sober) really well. A few nights later, I was pondering my career as the place where I was working in customer services was closing down, so I made the decision to look into becoming a hog roast hire Prestbury caterer. It took a bit of time but four years on and I am here. Best move I ever made.