Hog Roast Malpas

The Best Hog Roasts in Malpas

MalpasHog roasting for the people in this part of Cheshire is an absolute pleasure. I know the area and the people well and it really is a lovely place to earn a living. In fact I think I became a hog roast hire Malpas caterer at the absolute right time. Over the last ten years, I have noticed a real wave of new interest in hog roast cooking. I think that this is down to a big combination of things. For a start, I think people have grown so tired and fed up of the boring old event catering options that they were desperate for a change, but at the same time, they wanted to see what freshly cooked and wholesome alternatives there were to the rather sterile and boring precooked, prefrozen options. There has also been a renewed interest in traditional cooking methods. This has been fuelled by the many programmes on television that look back at years gone by. There seems to be a whole new surge of interest in simple, traditional cooking that relies on quality ingredients over more complex solutions. If you think about it, hog roast seems to tick every single box. It relies on the very best meat from local suppliers and the principles of its cooking are indeed simple.

Having catered at so many different events in Malpas and the surrounding areas, I know that hog roast is going to be just perfect for any event you may want to organise, whether it is a wedding, Christening, Birthday, corporate, charity, outdoor or anniversary style event. Don’t waste your time looking for an alternative solution that gives you the same great flavours and the same fresh cooked quality because there is nothing that can compare with hog roast. Looks like you may well be seeing the Malpas hog roast caterer very soon!

Wales - Salad wales 2Now, you may be thinking to yourself just how busy can someone who claims to be a hog roast Malpas caterer actually be? Well, you may be very surprised to learn that hog roast is getting very popular indeed and I am very definitely keeping extremely busy indeed. I will explain why I am so busy and what exactly it is that I get up to.

The fact that I became a hog roast Malpas caterer just in time to coincide with this has helped make me not only very popular but also extremely busy. It seems that I am organising hog roast for new clients every single week…and that is fantastic news.

Leaders in Our Field

pig 11There is a lot that goes into sorting out each new hog roast, so it is far from a walk in the park. Book me as your caterer and you are going to be getting someone who will be taking a lot of the strain….and I reckon that is just what most people who are organising a special event are looking for. It is certainly what I would be after. When you are busy organising an event – especially one where family and friends are invited – you need to be able to enjoy yourself and not have to worry about things like the catering. You need to be able to relax and chill out. If you are panicking over food then that is not possible. The beauty of bringing in a hog roast chef is that they can take care of everything. I have catered for many events and I can see how relaxed the clients are simply because I am looking after all the catering. Catering is stressful, so if I were you, I would bring in the professionals. Remember that you don’t get to organise events like this every year so you need to make the most of it!

I remember when I was growing up in the village of Malpas that I thought the name Malpas sounded a bit, well…odd. I don’t know why but it just didn’t seem to fit in with other town and village names in Cheshire and the North West. Anyway, thanks to the web, I have since learnt that the name is from the Old French, meaning something like poor way or passage. Perhaps Malpas is not too bad after all. Well whatever the name actually means, I loved it here before I moved on. That said, I do not live far away at all and in fact I spend more time in the village than ever before because I am the hog roast hire Malpas caterer and I enjoy every single minute of my job.