Hog Roast In Sutton – Engagement Party!

We recently catered for an engagement party; it was an intimate gathering hosting around thirty guests. The small party was held locally in Sutton, in a lovely, scenic estate belonging to a family member of the fortunate couple.  We were able to set up our roast in the large gazebo; we were blessed with good weather, interesting company and beautiful views.

The hosts, Katy and Dean, along with many of their friends had never tried one of our hog roasts in Sutton before, but they had all heard wonderful things about our mouthwatering food and were all waiting with eager anticipation to try some delicious hog. Not wanting to disappoint our waiting customers, we set up our delicious hog roast and got to work straight away.


Obviously, customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we cook, and while we were preparing the food the familiar mouthwatering smells surrounded us, we were extremely pleased to see the guests looking over at our station and with hearing the lovely things they were saying we couldn’t help but smile between ourselves.

Once the food had all been prepared and was ready for eating, we looked up to see that the hungry guests had already formed an orderly queue in front of us all eager to try the hog roast in Sutton. Katy and Dean were the first to try our succulent roast, and once they had their first bite they nodded encouragingly to their guests, they politely thanked us and walked together to a table so as to properly enjoy their food.

Our award winning hog roast was well received by everybody at that lovely little party, we even had a lot of happy guests coming back for a second serving.

By the end of the day we had no food left, and were deeply delighted to see a lot of satisfied (and full!) customers. After the heartwarming speeches about the lucky couple, and hearing a lot of lovely compliments about the food, we packed up. Before we left the party, we were delighted to receive a lot of warm goodbyes and hand out dozens of business card to eager people.

Another roast well done, and more customers well fed.