Hog Roast Holmes Chapel

The Best Hog Roasts in Holmes Chapel

holmes chapelHaving a hog roast at your event is an easy and cost effective solution to all your catering needs. Now, you have obviously shown an interest in hog roast catering in Holmes Chapel because that would explain why you have arrived on this very page, so let me enlighten you with a few facts about this most wonderful of feasts. You probably already know this but the hog roast is not a modern meal at all but one that dates back centuries to medieval times. It does seem a little odd that twenty first century United Kingdom diners should have taken to the hog roast so warmly but I reckon it is more to do with the fact that the medieval folk knew what was involved in a good meal and when they came up with the hog roast, they knew they were onto a rather good thing. I don’t know whether you stumbled onto this page because you were looking into the possibilities of booking a hog roast for your Holmes Chapel event, but if you were I can thoroughly and wholeheartedly recommend booking a hog roast caterer. If you want great tasting food that is freshly cooked and that pretty much everyone will love, hog roast is pretty much the only choice. Of course, I would say all this but it is true. Make it a Holmes Chapel hog roast event!

Leaders in Our Field

hogI have been serving my home village as the hog roast hire Holmes Chapel caterer for over five years now and in that time I have served up hundreds of hog roasts to a wide range of people at a diverse range of occasions. It seems to me that whatever the occasion, I am always in demand. Whether it is a birthday celebration, an important business function, a huge family Christening, a big get together, a charity fundraiser, a school summer fair or a bonfire event, there is always a seemingly good reason to get me booked for what always promises to be some great food with great company. In fact it was attending an outdoor event that helped inspire me to become a hog roast Holmes Chapel chef in the first place. It was November in a village a few miles away and a big bonfire night event had been organised at the local cricket club. A huge (and I really mean huge) bonfire had been built and there was an outdoor bar, stalls….everything. Best of all, there was a hog roast chef serving up hog roast rolls to everyone. Now I had never tasted hog roast before and was a little wary about what it would taste like. My friends had eaten it before and were all big fans so I just went for it. Well, I loved it. Maybe the fire and a beer (or two) had helped but I thought it was one of the best things I had ever tasted….in fact it was certainly the best food I had ever had at a party of sorts. I got talking to the chef later and he told me all about the work that he did. I was intrigued and I thought it seemed like a really interesting job. The rest is hog roast history!

saladsMy lovely home village of Holmes Chapel is a great place. Okay, so it may not have all the bells and whistles of the city twenty odd miles or so up the road but this quiet Cheshire village does not need any of the metropolis nonsense to be a great place to live. And not only is this village my place of residence but it is the very place where I serve as hog roast hire Holmes Chapel caterer, and I would say that is of even greater importance, don’t you think? Of course, you may not know an awful lot about this corner of Cheshire but the chances are your younger acquaintances will have done, for a Mr Styles of the popular band One Direction comes from this very village. That is all well and good but does he really have the appeal of one of my hog roasts? It is a difficult question indeed.

I love every aspect of my work. Not only do I get to see all areas of Holmes Chapel and the surrounding areas but I get to meet loads of great people every week. I also really enjoy the hard work because you know that you will get the rewards of seeing people loving the delicious food. There cannot be many jobs where you are almost always guaranteed totally positive feedback but this job seems to be just that.