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The Best Hog Roasts in Helsby

HelsbyYou may be wondering why I consider hog roast to be so great for event catering? Well, maybe you have not been to many social events or special occasions recently because hog roast Helsby events are becoming more and more popular every month. I should know because I provide the catering for them! I am being quite serious though, hog roast is the perfect solution when it comes to event catering and you really should put it at the top of your to do list if you are planning on organising a special occasion or major event soon. I have known how special hog roast is for some time now. I first had a taste of hog roast about six years ago at a wedding evening reception. When I first heard that the newly weds were planning on having a hog roast, I did not know what to think. I had never tasted hog roast and was a bit dubious as to what it would be like. I need not have worried though because I simply adored it. Everything about it was wonderful, from watching it being roasted to the actual meat itself. Everybody loved it, which was a bit unusual in itself because normally people hate party food. Well, not this time.

I have lived in the Cheshire town of Helsby for my entire life. I love it here and not once in toprightmy life have I ever considered leaving. In a way, I feel like I owe my home town something and maybe a little part of that was something to do with my decision to become the hog roast hire Helsby caterer. After all, if you are going to do something for your home town, make sure it is something worthwhile. I could not think of anything more worthwhile than giving the good folk of Helsby access to the very best in event catering around. I thought to myself that it seemed like a great way to earn a living so I looked into becoming a hog roast hire Helsby caterer…and the rest, as they say, is history! And what a fantastic decision it was to become a hog roast caterer because I love every single minute of it. Good job too because it is a lot of very hard work! Maybe I was a bit naive when I first got the idea of becoming a hog roast Helsby caterer because I somehow thought that it looked reasonably easy. Not that you need to be a rocket scientist of course but what you do need is a lot of patience and some good cooking skills. I was already a pretty good cook but I was not always the most patient of people.

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Well, I am patient now because I have seen the results that being patient can bring. You really do need to be patient if you are cooking a whole pig because it can take quite a while indeed! A lot depends on the size of the pig of course but I do find that a typical pig for a typical Helsby event will take about six hours to cook through. I know, it does sound like rather a long time but it’s important to make sure that the pig is cooked to the very best possible standard. I am a bit of a stickler when it comes to my hog roasts and I am very particular that nothing is left to chance!

qaThe same goes for when I choose the pig to roast. Cynics would say that one pig is no different from another but that is just nonsense. The better a pig is looked after and fed, the better the quality of meat, and that is why I take great care when choosing my pigs. Each Helsby pig needs a good amount of fat to help with the slow roasting process (it stops the meat drying out you see) and it also helps enhance the flavour.

You see, there is a lot to think about, and with six hours cooking, there is a lot to do! It is all worth it in the end though because I am quite pleased to see that there really is nothing quite like the delicious, succulent taste of my hog roasts. Better still, the people of Helsby are able to choose this over some of the many less exciting options (which is, to be honest, most of them). If you need catering in Helsby, you need a Helsby hog roast!