Hog Roast Handforth

The Best Hog Roasts in Handforth

HandforthHog roast is a quality dish. It is something that many people perhaps don’t realise but hog roast relies on great quality meat and patient cooking to deliver that unbeatable flavour. Quality meat is essential in a dish such as hog roast, after all this is a meal that relies on one main ingredient so it has to be a good one. I source all my pigs from reputable local suppliers. Pigs from these suppliers are always superb quality and are always well looked after, so I know that the meat is going to be just right. I even ensure that the amount of fat is spot on as this plays an important part in the cooking process.

Did I ever envisage that I would one day become a hog roast Handforth caterer? Not really, it has to be said. I have always liked cooking for people and experimenting with different ingredients but working in the catering industry? Hardly. But one day that all changed and it was to prove a pivotal moment. I got asked to organise the Summer ‘motivational’ do at work!

I am glad that I was asked really because the previous year’s event was atrocious. pig 11Nothing wrong with the venue but the food was dire. Quite possibly the worst food I have ever had the misfortune of tasting. So, getting control of affairs felt good and I had already decided to make this year’s a hog roast Handforth do! A few months earlier I had been to a friend’s leaving do (they were going to live in Spain) and they decided to put on a big bash in their back garden. They brought in a hog roast chef and it was amazing. The whole evening was fantastic but the food was just incredible. I even remember thinking back then that we should do this for our work events. Well, at last I had a chance to do just that!

Well, I am pleased to say that the results of my research were well worth it and that hog roast hire Handforth caterer we brought in did a great job. Everybody absolutely loved it and we decided to book them for the event again next year. It made me think how brilliant it would be to actually cook hog roast for people myself, so I looked into it and, four years later, here I am – a hog roast Handforth chef!

Do I love my work? Of course. I think I very possibly have the best job in the world. You cannot really complain about a job where you not only get to meet different people every week but who also pay you to do the very thing that you love doing most! Can’t be bad. Not that it is easy! Certainly not, I never realised just how much work actually goes into the whole hog roast process until I started doing it myself. There really was a lot more to it than I realised but this could also explain why hog roast is so adored by the growing legion of people who choose it as their catering solution.

sauces 2Cooking my pigs takes time but not necessarily for the reasons you may think. Yes, a pig is a big lump of meat and it does take time to cook but you also need to make sure that the cooking is aiding the flavour building process. With slow roasting, this is certain to be the case. Slow roasting really bring s out the best in my pigs as it lets the flavours from the bones be absorbed into the meat. The fat on the pig stops the meat from drying out, leaving me with some incredible tasting hog roast meat for my Handforth diners. This is meat that is dripping with goodness and flavour. Succulent hog roast meat is pretty much the best meat you will taste. Good, because those six hours are certainly a long while to cook meat for.

Hog roast is not only one of the most flavoursome dishes on the planet but also one of the most accommodating, too. A standard Handforth hog roast can really feed a small army with enough meat for over one hundred people, easily enough for most events and get togethers.

So, you have little insight into my world as a hog roast caterer. All you need to do now is make the decision to have hog roast at your next Handforth event. It’s a decision that you will not regret!