Hog Roast Gresford

The Best Hog Roasts in Gresford

gresfordGresford may only be a small village bordering on England and Wales but that is not to say that the five thousand plus population don’t know a thing or two about good food. I should know as I am the hog roast hire Gresford caterer, and I can tell you that the people who live here certainly know a thing or two when it comes to great tasting food. It could also explain why I am enjoying a certain degree of popularity in these parts! Everybody loves a good get together, whether it is the form of a birthday party, family function, Christening, wedding or a corporate business type event. And what makes many of these events so special (apart from the people of course) is the food. Great catering can really lift an occasion from normal to incredible. People remember the food as much as anything when they think about special occasions so it’s important that you get it absolutely spot on. Maybe this is why I am proving to be very much in demand in Gresford at the moment because it seems that everyone who is organising an event at the moment is keen to make it a hog roast Gresford event.

My hog roasts are simply perfect for almost any special occasion. There is something really special about a hog roast that makes it ideal for functions where you need to make a great impression. That is why I became a hog roast hire Gresford caterer in the first place. I had always been Spitting Pig Cateringinterested in cooking but never found the right opportunity to do something about it. It was only when I realised how brilliant hog roast could be as a catering option that I decided to pursue the matter. I think, like a lot of people, that hog roast never seemed like a special occasion food but instead was always the rustic, rough and ready medieval meal. Well, I was wrong. It transpired that hog roast was the perfect party and special occasion food and that thousands of people across the United Kingdom were starting to enjoy the great taste of hog roast for themselves at events.

This all sounds well and good and you must be thinking that my life as a hog roast caterer is a very easy one. Well, you would be very wrong. I really have to put in an awful lot of hard work and significant hours to carry out my work, but my reward for every hog roast Gresford event that I cater for is the happy smiling faces of the people that have enjoyed my cooking…which is pretty much everyone, if the truth be told!

Leaders in Our Field

I don’t know if you are considering organising a get together or special occasion but, if you are, you should take note of what goes into making each hog roast so fantastic…and then consider if you really want to stick with the boring old alternatives.

bread and dishesEvery single one of my hog roasts starts off with choosing a great quality pig. This is very important as the quality of the meat and levels of fat are crucial to the end results. Every Gresford event gets a local pig from a good supplier. It is then that the magic truly starts because the cooking is where I get to earn my stripes. Cooking a hog roast is not easy. Pigs are big and take a serious amount of cooking to ensure that they are just right. You need to give the meat time to mature and soak up all the amazing flavours that are hidden inside the bones, which is why it takes me around six hours to cook a standard pig. And because it takes so long, I need to start the cooking off well in advance of the start time for your event, otherwise your guests would have to show some incredible levels of patience whilst waiting for their food!

The patience is worth it though because the hog roasts I produce are simply the best tasting hog roast ever. I really take great pride in every hog roast I cook and I think is proven by the fact that I get a lot of work from people who have been guests at previous events that I have catered for.

Hog roast is proving popular here in Gresford and also in other parts of the United Kingdom. Make sure that hog roast is part of your special event too. You and your guests will love it!