Hog Roast Endon For An Open Air Orchestra

Hog Roast Endon definitely found some kindred spirits in the Orchestra group we catered for recently!  Very much like us, they don’t limit themselves to the confines of traditional venues and get out and about to bring their music to people everywhere, just as we don’t limit ourselves to only catering at certain types of locations. Going mobile was the best decision they ever made, and it allows them to share their music with people who would normally never go anywhere near a music hall. Recognising this common link between our organisations, the orchestra group got in touch to ask us to supply one of our crowd-pleasing hog roasts for their latest outdoor musical performance!

Side by side with the musicians, Hog Roast Endon set up our transportable equipment with just as much care and attention as the percussionists and string section of the orchestra, and whilst the performers tuned and prepared their instruments, we focussed on fine-tuning all of our fresh locally-sourced ingredients in preparation for the big finale feast. It was great to be doing what we do best in conjunction with a group of people who were just as eager as us to share their passion with as many people in as many places as possible!

As the final rehearsals were underway, Hog Roast Endon’s catering team didn’t need any last-minute practice to produce a succulent, perfectly cooked slow-roasted hog and with 200 people to feed immediately after the final piece was played by the orchestra, our timing was as impeccable as ever! Our own culinary maestros were adding the finishing touches to the vibrant array of salads we had prepared from scratch whilst the orchestra were doing their thing and as the crescendo reached its climax, our dexterous chef was carving the succulent pork. The atmosphere was electric by the end of the performance and the audience absolutely loved having the opportunity to appreciate some live classical music in the great outdoors. They also loved our hog roast, with most of the attendees coming back for an encore! This mixture of ‘The Last Night of the Proms meets Glastonbury’, is clearly a winning combination for this mobile orchestra and our hog roast hit the right note too!