Hog Roast Dunham Massey

Hog Roast Dunham MasseyHere at Hog Roast Dunham Massey, we can provide ideal mobile catering solutions for any event in the area. We supply the best hog roasts around and plenty more besides. In addition to treating you to the most succulent and flavoursome pork you will ever taste, we also have a broad selection of different menus that are suitable for all tastes, diets and budgets.

Our hearty and budget-friendly slow-roasted pork sandwiches served with our irresistibly crunchy crackling and moreish homemade apple sauce are the perfect catering option for any large event in Dunham Massey and the ideal way of feeding a large amount of people with tasty, freshly prepared food that is far superior to the usual fare you would expect at markets and local festivals.

We are able to blend into any surroundings and cook in any environment, both indoors and outdoors for any number of guests. We always make everything from scratch at your venue, even if you have selected a particularly complex menu and we are committed to using only the highest quality locally sourced ingredients in every aspect of our menus.

Varied Menus To Please All Of Your Guests

Hog Roast Dunham MasseyBecause we are so adaptable and have such a wide range of menus, our food is just as suitable for more formal gatherings and special occasions such as wedding receptions and corporate catering. We can offer exciting buffets and elegant 3 course meals, depending on your preferences. If you would prefer a sit-down meal, our waiting team will take excellent care of you from start to finish and ensure everyone has a great time. For extra special celebrations we can even provide a tempting platter of our individually handmade canapes, which will be served to your guests with a flourish by Hog Roast Dunham Massey’s skilled front on house team.

If you have guests with wide ranging tastes or different dietary needs, you don’t need to worry about pleasing everyone if you choose us to cater for your event. We have a wide range of alternative slow-roasted meats if pork is not everyone’s number one choice, as well as vegetarian and vegan dishes, and gluten-free substitutes. If you have been searching for a unique and high quality catering experience for your event, look no further than Hog Roast Dunham Massey.