Hog Roast Broughton

The Best Hog Roasts in Broughton

BroughtonA lot of people don’t think of a hog roast as an option for a special event but that is slowly changing. Over the last ten years, there has been a big change in people’s attitudes to special event catering and that has seen a big increase in the number of people considering and choosing hog roast. This is is of course great news for me as it means that my work as a hog roast hire Broughton caterer has enjoyed a huge increase., I am now busy serving up some of the best tasting meat at events all over the town. And I certainly do get to serve it at a wide variety of special occasions. Birthday bashes are always a popular one as hog roast really is a sociable meal and I have catered for these sorts of events at hotels, public houses, schools and in back gardens! Hog roast really is just so perfect for these events. People love watching me cook the whole pig nice and slowly and they adore the aromas as it cooks. As for the meat, well, they love it. There can no better party food than me serving lovely chunks of hog roast meat on a bap together with some apple sauce and crackling. A ‘pig in a bun’ really is a heavenly handful of food and one that is guaranteed to keep everyone happy.

It is also worth noting that I can serve a lot of people with a single hog roast. People forget just how big hog roast is but when they see it up close and personal they soon get a good idea. Pigs are big and a standard Broughton hog roast can serve a fair number of people. If you have invited eighty people to your event then don’t panic, my hog roast will easily feed them all and have enough left over for a good twenty plus extra servings! You see, it is not only a tasty and feel good meal but it’s a very economical and accommodating one too!

I love being the Broughton hog roast caterer. It has allowed me to share some great food with the people of this town and hopefully show people that special event catering really should be something special. Trust me, I am a hog roast caterer!

Leaders in Our Field

pig 11How did I become a hog roast hire Broughton caterer? Well, it is a good question. I had decided to do what many people do after finishing university and take off on a long trip around the world. It was something I had wanted to do since school and it was the most wonderful experience anyone can ever have. I loved every minute of it, even when I hardly had any money! But what was the real eye opener for me was the variety and quality of food that you get to experience in different countries. Some utterly amazing tastes and flavours that you simply would not experience here in the United Kingdom. When I returned home, I decided that I wanted to try hand at providing people with some proper freshly cooked food and got some valuable work experience in some Cheshire restaurants before getting the opportunity to become a hog roast Broughton caterer. And what a totally brilliant move that has been.

Okay, now I realise that eating freshly caught fish on a boat in Thailand is a little different to cooking a pig in Broughton but it’s the cooking that matters. You see, I like many other people have been to many parties and events where the food has been totally rubbish, and I mean really, really bad. No love has gone into its preparation whatsoever and the amount of flavour is non existent usually. I don’t understand why people have put up with it for so long. Well, I am doing my bit to put things right and hope that I can continue the good work of the many other hog roast chefs across the United Kingdom who are spreading the gospel of the spitting pig!

I think that any special event or social occasion that requires catering should make an extra effort rather than just rely on precooked meals that anyone could get from the supermarket. It is for this reason that I am promote hog roast wherever I go, not just because I am a hog roast Broughton caterer but because it really does offer any special occasion a fantastic alternative when it comes to serving up amazing looking and great tasting food.