Hog Roast Broughton Providing Another Centrepiece Hog Roast

You may not know that Hog Roast Broughton can and do cook much more than hog and spit roasts, and while they are our specialities that we have worked hard to perfect over many years, we understand that people’s tastes often differ and also that special diets need to be catered. While we are loved for our hog and spit roasts, we are also loved for offering so much choice and variety and with ensuring that everyone can eat and enjoy our delicious food, regardless of preferences or diet.

Hog Roast BroughtonWhen Steven contacted Hog Roast Broughton about catering his parents’ wedding anniversary party, he knew that most of the forty guests would happily dig in to one of our centrepiece hog roasts but he also needed a vegetarian option for one of the guests. Our chefs can make all kinds of veggie dishes but one of our most popular is our veggie skewers, which are full of halloumi chunks as well as mushrooms, courgette, tomatoes, mixed peppers, and red onion, which we grill and then serve in pitta bread with our lovely Tzatziki dip. Steven said these would be perfect for the cheese and veg loving vegetarian but that everyone else would look forward to us creating pigs in buns from the hog.

It came round to the day of the party on Saturday and we were due to serve at 7pm, so our team members arrived at the lovely hotel venue several hours beforehand. It takes a long while to roast a hog after preparing the meat from scratch, so our chef got on with that first while our assistants set up the gazebo and serving table next to the large marquee that had been erected. The meat prep didn’t take too long, and then it was cooking away, slowly but surely, for hours on end.

Later on in the day, it was time to freshly prepare and then grill the veggie kebabs, and then prepare the fixings for the pigs in buns – bread rolls, wraps, homemade apple sauce and stuffing, as well as various condiments. Then Hog Roast Broughton announced that it was time to serve and the queues began.