Hog Roast Audlem – Moss Hall Madness!

IMG_5759On Saturday morning hog roast Audlem got up bright and early ready for the event at the famous Moss Hall just 1km from the village center. We got ready and set off on our travels to the event where we would later be catering for a party of 200 people. The hall wasn’t too hard to find and upon arrival we were warmly greeted by a couple who directed us to the part of the building where we would be setting up our equipment and putting our pig on to slowly cook. It wasn’t long before guests started arriving at Moss Hall; most of them were paying all attention to our hog roast. With all the guests here and a few drinks sipped, it was time for hog roast Audlem to carefully lift the pig from the machine and place above our carving tray. We had all our bread rolls, salads and sauces laid out on a table next to the machine and we slowly began carving the pig… one by one the guests came up for their piece and before long everybody was sat down with a big smile on their faces talking about how fantastic our hog roast is. During the night we had many people ask us how we get our pork to turn out as good as it did, whilst we also had many people enquire about purchasing one of our machines. The whole day and night went as planned and hog roast Audlem packed everything away, disposed of the rubbish off site and set off back home. We would be more than happy to cater for Moss Hall again