Elworth Hog Roast Event

We had a really nice event in Elworth last week, I thought it would be good to update you all on this one because it went so well.  It was a private party for a family who were having a last hooray before their eldest was off to college.  I guess they figured they’d give him a good send off and remind him what he would be missing.  It wasn’t a big party but I really enjoy catering for the smaller intimate events.  We just did a small Elworth hog with standard and quite a few tasty sauces.  The BBQ bourbon sauce in particularly was very tasty.  Anyway I’m getting ahead of myself!  We arrived in plenty of time and set up.  There wasn’t enough space in the garden to bring the marquee so we had to streamline for the event.  It reminded me of our first days starting out anyway we managed to set our equipment up just by the back door and got the hog roast cooking.  They asked us to prepare some pasta salads too so Rory got those ready in the kitchen while I tackled the roast.  It’s quite hypnotic actually when you get it going.  I often cant take my eyes off the Elworth beauties when they’re cooking away there because you can physically see them roasting.  Plus I like to keep a careful eye on them to make sure they’re going just the way I want them to.  The family surprised their son when he came home mid afternoon and he was shocked to see us all set up for his party.  He popped over and tried a sample of the meat.  The party got under way and it was funny sitting on the sidelines as countless relatives, aunts and uncles made sure they got time with the lad to wish him all the best for college.  I certainly remember my college days and if it’s anything like that he’s in for a right old time.  Didn’t mention that to his parents though. They probably already know!  We started serving about 9pm and it seemed everyone wanted to try some. I did most of the carving and I think I surpassed myself as the slices tumbled off the pig roast Elworth up to my usual sliced precision.  I even managed to teach Rory a few new tips.  Most of the time the families stayed inside the house and enjoyed the party and the bit of music they had going on.  We stayed with the roast which was nice to just do our job and talk shop a bit.  It’s always a good time to ponder new ideas and techniques, especially when it’s just us two.  We didn’t hang around too long because most party guests couldn’t stay too late.  Mum asked us to carve up the rest of the hog and leave on the side for later and paid us.  She told us there was no hurry to go which was nice as we could take our time packing up.  Managed to grab a word with Lee, the son and wish him all the best.  Nice event and really nice people!