Back to Higher Sutton

It was back to Higher Sutton for the second time in as many weeks on a few days ago for Spitting Pig – seems they can’t get enough of us over there! And with good reason too – we’ve really been excelling ourselves recently, serving up porcine treats the like of which you’re never set eyes on – yes, our hot pork rolls really are that good. Believe the hype, and do like the residents of Higher Sutton and get us down to your locality with our hog roast hire Higher Sutton roasting machines if you want to eat the meal of a lifetime! The two events we’ve done there this month couldn’t have been more different, and really show off the range of our capabilities as your local first choice on site catering provider. This week’s event was an informal party for 70 celebrating a 20th wedding anniversary – lots of old friends getting together and having a good time, and lots of tender tasty roasted pork to keep everybody happy. We just took down the one roaster and a well chosen hog roast Higher Sutton pig, the hosts provided the rest of the food knowing they could relax in the knowledge that we had the centrepiece sorted and a fun and very relaxed time was had by all. The guests didn’t quite finish the whole hog on the first round so we carved and plated up the rest of the meat, made it up into sandwiches and left them keeping warm in the oven for the guests to go back to later on. We heard the next day that it was all polished off later on and I’m not surprised – the drinks were definitely flowing that evening! The earlier trip was a much more formal affair, a wedding reception with 300 guests sat down to eat in a huge marquee, kept toasty warm with a whole phalanx of gas burners and patio heaters – it was pretty cold outside, but by the end of the night some of the guests looked like they’d had a quick turn on our roasters! We did the whole shebang for this one, brought down our whole team and did waiter service for a full three course meal plus canapés at the start and a cheese plate at the end. We may be famous for our hog roast Higher Sutton pigs, but we do a whole lot more than that! We had three of our beautiful hog roast Higher Sutton machines on hand so that we were able to offer three different roast meat main course options – the hosts went for pork, beef and chicken this time, but we also offer lamb and turkey in the season – as well as a vegetarian choice, of course. We like to make sure we’re keeping everyone happy, not just the carnivores. The biggest smiles were on the faces of the happy couple – they had just had their big day, of course, but they had some very nice things to say about the spread we put on too!