Shopping Centre Hog Roast Rainow

Heading north last week we were met with a blanket of snow! The view was like a Christmas card and it looked beautiful, but ever so cold. The roads were not too bad as the gritters had been out early and we had a fairly smooth drive considering.

We were catering for a shopping centre and they were putting up some lights for Christmas and wanted they wanted us to feed the guests. They were unsure of the numbers expected so we were asked to cater for in between one to two thousand and that was no problem for us as we have catered for five thousand before. We arrived with a full team in hand and a fair few machines and a mountain of food to create our hog roast Rainow.

We set up in a safe area away from passing public and placed a large pig on one machine and on the other lamb and beef and on a smaller machine hundreds of potatoes. As the hog roast Rainow cooked our staff were busy setting up the large serving table and making some fillings for the potatoes and lots of fresh crunchy salads. We also made some dips and dressings all nice and fresh and placed boxes and baskets of bread buns and wraps enough to feed an army! The organisers were busy setting up the lights and were manic, we however were in control we are always organised. The crowds were gathered and we were ready. And as the gates opened we were non-stop the air was filled with the wonderful smell of the meat and we had crowds watching our chef carve the meat, the pork was succulent and moist as was the lamb and the potatoes were filled to the top with delicious fillings.

The crowds were giving us compliments left right and centre and saying they had never ever tasted meat as good as our hog roast Rainow. We got through the thousands with ease and the organiser gave a big sigh of relief as he thanked us for “ A first class job!” as he put it. We have such a sense of achievement when we cater for a large event time and time again.